Age Group
4yrs - 7yrs
90 Minutes

Body safety awareness and practise session for kids
(ages 4 to 7)


This workshop aims to help young children understand body autonomy in a way that keeps them safe from unwanted touch. The purpose of this workshop is to instil confidence in children so  they feel unafraid to voice discomfort and can identify and report danger. The  material used in this workshop is age appropriate and sensitive.

Objectives of the workshop

  • To accurately identify and name private parts.
  • To differentiate between safe and unsafe touch.
  • To identify and voice discomfort, fear, anxiety and shame.
  • To clearly name and identify trusted adults at home, school and regular social settings.
  • To learn and practise ways of reporting danger.
  • To understand that unwanted touch is never the child’s fault.

Contents of the workshop

  • Naming private parts exercise
  • Body Safety rules – verbal exercise followed by video clip
  • Recognising danger- When danger is no stranger exercise
  • Green Flag People- identifying and naming trusted adults
  • Learning to say No – when and how
  • Story time
  • Role playing exercises and earning super hero badges