Age Group
7yrs - 11yrs
90 Minutes

Body safety and abuse  awareness practise session for children
(ages 7 to 11)


The purpose of this workshop is to reinforce body safety rules in older children in a way that enables them to understand and respond correctly to complex scenarios like grooming and harmful situations that may involve people they know. Since this workshop is for older children, it also focuses on understanding complicated feelings and reactions to abuse situations and teaches methods of protection and correct behaviour especially in terms of peer groups and extended social circles. The material used in this workshop is age appropriate and sensitive.

Objectives of the workshop

  • To reinforce body safety and privacy rules
  • To understand and recognise the different stages of grooming
  • To differentiate between good and bad secrets
  • To identify and name trusted adults
  • To practise reporting abuse and danger in difficult situations
  • To understand and name uncomfortable feelings
  • To reinforce courage, honesty and respect for peers

Contents of the workshop

  • Body safety rules with slides and stickers
  • Watching and discussing video clip on abuse
  • Understanding tricky feelings with practical exercises
  • Identifying and naming trusted adults
  • Role playing and practising reporting abuse with practical exercises
  • Understanding good and bad secrets with practical exercises
  • Reinforcing the fact that abuse is never the child’s fault with story session and exercises
  • Discussing empathy, courage and respecting other kids’ boundaries
  • Brave and Bright badges