About Us

Candidly is a platform to drive candid conversations on issues of gender, media & culture and their influence on children and young adults.

These issues are playing a deep role in defining how our young ones see themselves, the world outside, and how these perspectives reflect in their development, physical and mental wellbeing, and their life choices.

The world around us is focused on personal image. This reality has deep implications for kids and young adults who are bombarded with images by a consumption driven world and an expectation of what is positioned as ‘ideal’ and are distracted from the pursuit of discovering the ‘real’ self.

Like you, we feel a need for urgent change in the way our children and young adults understand relationships, society, culture and their place in an increasingly polarized world divided along lines of race, religion, culture, sexuality and gender.

We need to challenge the flawed world we have inherited. We created Candidly with a vision to bring more attention to matters of gender and sexuality on one hand, and use of media on the other,

We want to engage children & young adults, parents & caregivers, and media with an aim to drive scale & impact.

Silence fuels misconceptions and stereotypes. The only way forward, is candidly.

Take a workshop

My body belongs to me

Body safety awareness and practise session for kids
(ages 4 to 7)

Elephant in the Room

Child abuse awareness and prevention workshop for parents

Brave and Bright

Body safety and abuse  awareness practise session for children
(ages 7 to 11)

Meet our team

Reema Ahmad

Facilitator, Candidly

(also Chief Editor at Ed3D)

Amita Malhotra Lalwani

Founder, EqualiTee; Former Co-Founder and Facilitator, Candidly



The News Minute
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Momjunction proudly introduces EqualiTee by Candidly - an awesome new collection of gender-cool merchandise that challenges flawed stereotypes


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