About Us

We aim to drive meaningful conversations  around issues that affect positive growth and influence attitudes among children and young adults.

Like you, we feel a need for urgent change in the way our children and young adults understand relationships, society, culture and their place in an increasingly polarised world divided along lines of race,religion, culture, sexuality and gender.

Our focus is on building an understanding of prevalent attitudes on gender and sexuality as they manifest in media and through culture. In the process, we hope to raise awareness and question existing stereotypes, without creating an atmosphere of fear, guilt or shame – feelings that are often associated with sexuality, gender and abuse. We intend to do this through interactive workshops and discussions for both adults and children.

Silence fuels misconceptions and stereotypes. The only way forward, is candidly.

Take our workshops

My body belongs to me

Body safety awareness and practise session for kids
(ages 4 to 7)

Elephant in the Room

Child abuse awareness and prevention workshop for parents

Brave and Bright

Body safety and abuse  awareness practise session for children
(ages 7 to 11)

Meet our team

Reema Ahmad

Facilitator, Candidly

(also Chief Editor at Ed3D)

Amita Malhotra

Facilitator, Candidly

(also Director at Blogworks)



C/o E31, Hauz Khas Main Market, New Delhi, 110016. India